My name is Laura Marcela Reyes Vera

I have 15 years old my parents are:Wilson Reyes and Gloria Vera

I am currently enrolled in the 11th grade in school Isidore, in matters concerning the

college I stressed in the social sciences, philosophy.

My favorite sports are:basketball and football, my favorite hobby is sleep and have fun with my friends

right now I'm very proud to win myself for the personaeria of the institution,

I feel very lucky and I will do my best.

In the future I want to be a professional Petroleum Engineering,

because I like it and my mom always tells me to study what guste.lo importantly I feel good

and be happy that she supported me throughout.

My Family

this is my family consists of my father Wilson Reyes my mother Gloria Vera

and my brother Maria Reyes Vera, I think the family is paramount for a human being,

I love my family but sometimes have problems, discussions etc..

My Pet

This is my pet is a dog I love very much because it takes seven years with me and caught

him much appreciation and everyone in the house as the family accept.

My Friends

For me my mom is my only good friend and I can trust it I tell her I'm very confident secrets

really love my mom.

My Hobby

My favorite hobby is sleeping so I do not like is waking,

I think it is best for my body and my body recovers from all the energy spent

My Future Profession

I want to be a petroleum engineer, I draw much attention,

I think it's one I could carrerafantastica feel comfortable and happy and also make much money.

My Future University

This is the university Surcolombiana university located in Neiva I think it might be a good college because

and look at your website and I think that is a serious university in which I can prepare properly.